IBAM 2013 Regular Submissions Deadline Approaching

May 24, 2013 by Rebecca L. Herman, PhD

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 Join us in beautiful San Diego, CA for IBAM 21, where we will gather to discuss, debate, and present our ideas about the future of behavioral and applied management in America’s Finest City!  San Diego has much to offer including world famous attractions and 70 miles of beaches. For those looking to discover some of San Diego’s history, visit Old Town, Cabrillo National Monument, Gaslamp Quarter, Balboa Park or one of the region’s many missions. In San Diego, vacation means activities for every interest in your family. The kids will enjoy a roller coaster ride, numerous entertainment centers or a day at a water park. The adventurer in your life will love sky sailing or a bi-plane ride. For those with more refined tastes, discover lush botanical gardens and beautiful wineries.


So prepare for a meeting with gluttonous fun. Plan to come early or stay late so you can laugh your way through theme parks like SeaWorld, the world famous San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. Dance a path through our arts and culture scene, or take a swing at stress on one of over 90 golf courses. San Diego is perhaps the only place where entertainment can be found doing everything or nothing at all.


Stay at the incredible Catamaran Resort Hotel & Spa located right on Mission Bay and just steps from the Mission Beach ocean front. Our selected hotel will awaken your senses; relax the body and sooth the soul. Explore hidden gardens of over 1,000 types of eclectic plants and flowers, exotic birds, 100 varieties of palm trees, and 30 types of hibiscus. Surround yourself with striking sunsets, the splendor of secluded sandy beaches, and the sights and sounds of nature all in one place.


The Catamaran’s rooms and suites are spacious and tastefully appointed with their own balcony or patio. Mission Bay, the world’s largest aquatic park, is at your doorstep and the enticing waves of the Pacific Ocean are just 100 yards away. Enjoy marvelous views of the California coastline or stunning city skyline from every part of this beach resort. In San Diego, activities and local attractions are never far away.


Participate as a presenter, reviewer, session chair, discussant, volunteer, or division chair.  IBAM welcomes management educators, business practitioners, and students to share their ideas, research, and experiences in a friendly and supportive environment.   Session discussions are lively, informative, stimulating, and broad-based.

We will welcome you warmly and value you as an individual and colleague, not a member of a cast of thousands. Executives, managers, professionals, and students are all members and active participants in IBAM’s annual conferences.



Embrace  this year’s theme. One of the earliest-known thinkers on change, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, is credited with saying, “There is nothing permanent except change.”  As professors, practitioners and students of behavioral and applied management, we know that change is not always a welcome guest, despite its persistence.  It is usually in these times of movement and discontinuity that significant change occurs. Current thought suggests that organizations that embrace change resist complacency and lead innovation.  What emerge are new theories, products, processes and practices. Authors are encouraged to submit papers on the topic Embracing Change in the contexts of industry, profession, education and community. Both quantitative and qualitative work from academics and practitioners is considered and may include research that is fully articulated as well as developmental papers.



Submit your original paper, symposium, workshop, or idea incubator proposal for anonymous peer review. The IBAM conference is an excellent outlet for completed research, work-in-progress, and the sharing of experiences in a variety of management sub-fields through refereed paper sessions, symposia, workshops, and panel discussions.

Please consider one of these six categories of submission – one is sure to fit your needs!

Traditional  Completed research paper; preparing to submit to a journal; review is held to highest level of rigor; “Best Paper” awards will be selected from this category. Pipeline  Research is completed and paper is in early stages; goal of future publication. Could be a paper previously not accepted for publication and desire to “revive” it through conference feedback.
Symposia or Workshop  Either panel or presenter format. Proposals that cross disciplines and include multiple institutions are highly encouraged.Sample ideas: Best Online Practices; Faculty Best Practices; Using Technology in Management Education; Preparing for the Doctoral Oral Defense; Conducting a Peer Review (Conference or Journal); Early/Mid Career Faculty Consortium; Mid/Senior Career Faculty Consortium.  Note: Not double-blind reviewed; selected by the Program Chair for inclusion in the program. 
Idea Incubator  Fresh research idea or research that is not yet completed; opportunity to present topic and receive feedback from peers in a more informal setting. Student  Lead author must be a student. We are seeking Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral learners. “Best Student Paper” award(s) will be selected from this category.


Pressed for time? Although the deadline is approaching, there is still time! It greatly helps our planning to understand they type of submission you are working on for our conference. There are a couple of options if your paper is not quite ready. First, if it is in “pretty good” shape but you want to work on it more – perhaps you might consider submitting it as a Pipeline paper? Still in the formative stage? Then an Idea Incubator is likely for you. Perhaps you’ve just wrapped up the school year and truly just need a couple extra weeks to get your Traditional paper finalized? Contact our VP/Program Chair and request a two-week extension … he will work with you on an individual basis.


Meet our Program and Division Chairs and feel free to contact them if you have a question specific to their division.

VP/Program Chair

Ken Levitt  klevitt@po-box.esu.edu

Division I

Human Resources Management

Kathy Utecht kmutecht@shsu.edu

Alan Jackson ajackson@peru.edu 

Division II

Organizational Behavior

Tom Martin tmartin@unomaha.edu

Division III

Strategic & Global Management Click here to learn more

Marcel Minutolo minutolo@rmu.edu

Sara Kimmel kimmel@mc.edu

Division IV

Management Education & Pedogogy

Lynn Kendrick lkendrick@stu.edu

Kyle Ryan kryan@peru.edu

Division V

Student Papers  Click here to learn more

Conna Condon conna.condon@waldenu.edu


Submission Guidelines 

  1. All submissions must be entirely original and may not be under concurrent consideration or accepted for presentation elsewhere. You may submit up to two papers and/or proposals in any or all of the divisions.  This includes papers and proposals that are co-authored.
  2. All submissions should include three keywords and a 75-word abstract. When selecting the Topic Area (s), please select at least one but no more than three. Papers, proposals, and summaries should be double-spaced with one-inch margins, typed in a 12-point font, and follow APA format.
  3. Guidelines by submission type:
    • Traditional, Pipeline, & Student Papers should not exceed 24 pages (total – including references).
    • Symposia & Workshop Proposals  should submit a three to five page proposal outline, along with a statement that all presenters intend to register for the conference.
    • Idea Incubator Session should submit a 250-500 word summary of the research idea/proposal.
  4. April 1 – May 31, submit your paper, proposal, or summary by uploading it into the IBAM Conference web-site: https://www.openconf.org/IBAM2013  and following the instructions for submissions located at that site.
  5. Please do not include a cover/title page with your paper.  Author information will be recorded on the submission page at the IBAM Conference site.  The uploaded document should be free of any identifying author indications and the document “Properties” data should be cleared as well. All submissions are double blind-reviewed.
  6. All accepted program participants must register and attend the conference.  Fees must be paid by August 1, 2013, and cannot be returned after this date for any reason.


Best Papers are Eligible for Journal Publication

The Best Papers in each Division are eligible for publication consideration in the Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management (JBAM). The journal provides an international outlet for its contributors. To learn more about our journal, please visit http://ibam.com/jbam.html

Student Scholarships Available

IBAM desires to support student scholars and may award a $250 scholarship in each of its student classifications: bachelors, masters and doctoral. The scholarship is granted to the student submitting the best paper in each classification. A student must declare (check box) that it is a student paper at time of submission. Eligible papers may NOT be co-authored with a faculty member or practitioner but may be co-authored with other students (the scholarship is shared in this case). Student scholarships will be presented with the award at the conference award luncheon.


Registration Preview

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Service Opportunities

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We look forward to seeing you in San Diego!

Rebecca Herman, IBAM President



Get to Know our Strategic and Global Management Division

May 24, 2013 by Dr. Sara Kimmel


What is the focus of Division III:  Strategic and Global Management? 

The Strategic and Global Management division covers a lot of territory (both literally and figuratively).  Academicians with international or domestic strategy research are encouraged to submit; practitioners with domestic or multi-domestic application and insights are also welcomed.


What topics in strategy and global management are good fits for Division III? 

Really any topic that explores a strategic and/or global initiative or practice is a good fit for Division III.   Both quantitative and qualitative research papers are accepted.  Global management spans the range of possible topics under the IBAM umbrella:  leading and managing, accounting and finance, cultural contexts, and law and politics, to name a few broad areas.  Of course, specificity makes for good research questions.  Strategy topics might include market strategy, pricing, distribution and logistics, competitive environment, planning for the firm’s longevity, process and management transitions, negotiating, and visioning (just to name a few).


How important is it that my submission adheres to the conference theme? 

The conference theme is always a great guidepost for scholars and practitioners to train our thoughts on.  For instance, if the conference theme is “International Cats”, but your research is about “Domestic Dogs”, it might not be a good fit.  However, if your research paper is “Why Domestic Dogs Chase International Cats”, then it might be a perfect fit! In other words, think about how your areas of research and expertise fit well with the conference theme.  This year’s theme is “Embracing Change.”


What type of presentation is most commonly made in Division III:  Strategic and Global Management?

There is no one particular type of submission, so be sure to review the Call for Papers and the description of each type of submission, because making a submission that is appropriate to your work is a good idea.  You might have a traditional research paper that you’re preparing for a journal…IBAM Division III is an excellent spot to launch the paper, get great feedback from seasoned reviewers, and further define new questions and areas of future research from your presentation audience.  These submissions are potential “best papers”.  Pipeline papers are those in the works that need more input and revision with a future goal of publication.  You may have an idea about a great workshop that could benefit the attendees at IBAM in the international or strategic arena.  These workshop ideas are not peer reviewed for input, but are reviewed by the Program Chair, and are usually more broad and application based. With regard to workshops and symposia, think about other people who would present alongside you, secure their commitment, and follow the instructions to propose your idea.


Is Division III a “friendly” division?

Ha Ha!  Yes.  At the risk of smack-talking our other divisions, Division III is a very friendly division.  And we’re good-looking, too.  And smart.   One thing that IBAM (all divisions) prides itself on is being a community of academics and practitioners.  We all benefit  from honest, professional, courteous feedback.  Our goal in Division III is to help you move your paper from its current presentation status to publication status, so you will receive detailed feedback from your reviewers and quality interaction from those who attend your presentation.  If your work needs help in certain areas, help will be recommended. One thing you’ll find refreshing about IBAM is that reviewers, session chairs, and discussants take seriously their roles to examine your work closely and provide quality comments and discussion. You may even find a co-researcher or someone with expertise in an area that can benefit your research.


We hope you will join us!

Sara Kimmel

Co-Chair, Division III: Strategic & Global Management

Get to Know IBAM’s Student Division

May 9, 2013 by Dr. Conna Condon


Are you a faculty member who has a student who is ready to dip their toes in the world of academic presentations?  

Are you a student who has thought to yourself when reading some of the academic articles for your thesis or dissertation … “I can do that!”    

If so, then you should get to know IBAM! We are a developmental conference eager to welcome students and support their development as scholar-practitioners.  At IBAM, students have several publication options.   


Student Submission Options

First, students may submit their original work as solo author or with another student.  Papers authored solely by students may qualify for selection to win the Best Student Paper award.   IBAM desires to support student scholars and may award a $250 scholarship in each of its student classifications: bachelors, masters and doctoral. The scholarship may be granted to the student submitting the best paper in each classification. A student must declare (check box) that it is a student paper at time of submission. Eligible papers may NOT be co-authored with a faculty member or practitioner but may be co-authored with other students (the scholarship is shared in this case). Student scholarships will be presented with the award at the conference award luncheon. 

Second, students who are early in their thesis or dissertation development might want to take advantage of the “Idea Incubator.”   This approach offers the advantage of receiving feedback and suggestions that can be invaluable in the development of your research.   If you have already completed your research have not yet published the work, you might want to consider the “Pipeline” option.   The peer reviews from this approach might be just what it takes to better prepare the paper for publication in a journal.   Finally, if your paper is already being prepared for publication and you are seeking a non-student ‘best paper’ then it might be time to submit as a “Traditional” paper that will receive the highest level of rigor in the peer review process.  

Finally, students may co-author papers with a faculty member. Although these papers would not be eligible for the Student Division scholarly, student authors would still receive the discounted registration and are encouraged to attend with their faculty co-author as this can be a tremendous mentoring experience.  


IBAM Offers More

Attending IBAM is more than presenting your work and receiving feedback because you will also attend sessions on research in which you have an interest as well as sessions that will develop you as a scholar and practitioner. We will typically have sessions to guide you in becoming a peer reviewer and discussant or how to get your work published. Workshops such as doing a mock oral defense really help prepare students for the next step academically. Each year our doctoral faculty are dedicated to supporting our student members. 

I’m the Student Division Chair now but I was a student presenter my first year at IBAM.  I remember how it was both exciting and full of trepidation.   The IBAM members made me feel welcome and we’ll do the same for you this year too.  You’ll even have an opportunity to get involved and gain valuable leadership experience by serving as a Session Chair. In addition, due to the fluent nature of student members, we are continually looking for students to serve on our Board of Governors – perhaps that role might be of interest to you! 


IBAM is Affordable

IBAM recognizes that students may not have the financial resources of faculty or practitioners and we offer a special student rate to assist. In addition, the Student Division hosts a luncheon for student attendees so that you can network – this is included in the student registration.  While the Student rate helped with the costs, I also found that finding someone to share a room with me really helped to reduce overall costs while allowing me to stay at the conference hotel and be fully engaged.  The group is very welcoming and inclusive and we can help you connect with potential roommates if this is of interest to you.   

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to get a paper submitted this month. Let me know if you have any questions. Use this blog to get involved before the conference begins.  I hope to get to know you online and look forward to meeting you in person in San Diego.  

Conna Condon

IBAM Student Division Chair