Get to Know IBAM’s Student Division

May 9, 2013 by Dr. Conna Condon


Are you a faculty member who has a student who is ready to dip their toes in the world of academic presentations?  

Are you a student who has thought to yourself when reading some of the academic articles for your thesis or dissertation … “I can do that!”    

If so, then you should get to know IBAM! We are a developmental conference eager to welcome students and support their development as scholar-practitioners.  At IBAM, students have several publication options.   


Student Submission Options

First, students may submit their original work as solo author or with another student.  Papers authored solely by students may qualify for selection to win the Best Student Paper award.   IBAM desires to support student scholars and may award a $250 scholarship in each of its student classifications: bachelors, masters and doctoral. The scholarship may be granted to the student submitting the best paper in each classification. A student must declare (check box) that it is a student paper at time of submission. Eligible papers may NOT be co-authored with a faculty member or practitioner but may be co-authored with other students (the scholarship is shared in this case). Student scholarships will be presented with the award at the conference award luncheon. 

Second, students who are early in their thesis or dissertation development might want to take advantage of the “Idea Incubator.”   This approach offers the advantage of receiving feedback and suggestions that can be invaluable in the development of your research.   If you have already completed your research have not yet published the work, you might want to consider the “Pipeline” option.   The peer reviews from this approach might be just what it takes to better prepare the paper for publication in a journal.   Finally, if your paper is already being prepared for publication and you are seeking a non-student ‘best paper’ then it might be time to submit as a “Traditional” paper that will receive the highest level of rigor in the peer review process.  

Finally, students may co-author papers with a faculty member. Although these papers would not be eligible for the Student Division scholarly, student authors would still receive the discounted registration and are encouraged to attend with their faculty co-author as this can be a tremendous mentoring experience.  


IBAM Offers More

Attending IBAM is more than presenting your work and receiving feedback because you will also attend sessions on research in which you have an interest as well as sessions that will develop you as a scholar and practitioner. We will typically have sessions to guide you in becoming a peer reviewer and discussant or how to get your work published. Workshops such as doing a mock oral defense really help prepare students for the next step academically. Each year our doctoral faculty are dedicated to supporting our student members. 

I’m the Student Division Chair now but I was a student presenter my first year at IBAM.  I remember how it was both exciting and full of trepidation.   The IBAM members made me feel welcome and we’ll do the same for you this year too.  You’ll even have an opportunity to get involved and gain valuable leadership experience by serving as a Session Chair. In addition, due to the fluent nature of student members, we are continually looking for students to serve on our Board of Governors – perhaps that role might be of interest to you! 


IBAM is Affordable

IBAM recognizes that students may not have the financial resources of faculty or practitioners and we offer a special student rate to assist. In addition, the Student Division hosts a luncheon for student attendees so that you can network – this is included in the student registration.  While the Student rate helped with the costs, I also found that finding someone to share a room with me really helped to reduce overall costs while allowing me to stay at the conference hotel and be fully engaged.  The group is very welcoming and inclusive and we can help you connect with potential roommates if this is of interest to you.   

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to get a paper submitted this month. Let me know if you have any questions. Use this blog to get involved before the conference begins.  I hope to get to know you online and look forward to meeting you in person in San Diego.  

Conna Condon

IBAM Student Division Chair



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