Get to Know our Strategic and Global Management Division

May 24, 2013 by Dr. Sara Kimmel


What is the focus of Division III:  Strategic and Global Management? 

The Strategic and Global Management division covers a lot of territory (both literally and figuratively).  Academicians with international or domestic strategy research are encouraged to submit; practitioners with domestic or multi-domestic application and insights are also welcomed.


What topics in strategy and global management are good fits for Division III? 

Really any topic that explores a strategic and/or global initiative or practice is a good fit for Division III.   Both quantitative and qualitative research papers are accepted.  Global management spans the range of possible topics under the IBAM umbrella:  leading and managing, accounting and finance, cultural contexts, and law and politics, to name a few broad areas.  Of course, specificity makes for good research questions.  Strategy topics might include market strategy, pricing, distribution and logistics, competitive environment, planning for the firm’s longevity, process and management transitions, negotiating, and visioning (just to name a few).


How important is it that my submission adheres to the conference theme? 

The conference theme is always a great guidepost for scholars and practitioners to train our thoughts on.  For instance, if the conference theme is “International Cats”, but your research is about “Domestic Dogs”, it might not be a good fit.  However, if your research paper is “Why Domestic Dogs Chase International Cats”, then it might be a perfect fit! In other words, think about how your areas of research and expertise fit well with the conference theme.  This year’s theme is “Embracing Change.”


What type of presentation is most commonly made in Division III:  Strategic and Global Management?

There is no one particular type of submission, so be sure to review the Call for Papers and the description of each type of submission, because making a submission that is appropriate to your work is a good idea.  You might have a traditional research paper that you’re preparing for a journal…IBAM Division III is an excellent spot to launch the paper, get great feedback from seasoned reviewers, and further define new questions and areas of future research from your presentation audience.  These submissions are potential “best papers”.  Pipeline papers are those in the works that need more input and revision with a future goal of publication.  You may have an idea about a great workshop that could benefit the attendees at IBAM in the international or strategic arena.  These workshop ideas are not peer reviewed for input, but are reviewed by the Program Chair, and are usually more broad and application based. With regard to workshops and symposia, think about other people who would present alongside you, secure their commitment, and follow the instructions to propose your idea.


Is Division III a “friendly” division?

Ha Ha!  Yes.  At the risk of smack-talking our other divisions, Division III is a very friendly division.  And we’re good-looking, too.  And smart.   One thing that IBAM (all divisions) prides itself on is being a community of academics and practitioners.  We all benefit  from honest, professional, courteous feedback.  Our goal in Division III is to help you move your paper from its current presentation status to publication status, so you will receive detailed feedback from your reviewers and quality interaction from those who attend your presentation.  If your work needs help in certain areas, help will be recommended. One thing you’ll find refreshing about IBAM is that reviewers, session chairs, and discussants take seriously their roles to examine your work closely and provide quality comments and discussion. You may even find a co-researcher or someone with expertise in an area that can benefit your research.


We hope you will join us!

Sara Kimmel

Co-Chair, Division III: Strategic & Global Management


2 comments on “Get to Know our Strategic and Global Management Division

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  2. Leonard Gaston says:

    Nice writeup.

    Strategic planning and thinking about change fit together. We humans tend to think tomorrow will be like today. It won’t. It will be different. It may be very different. Long term forecasting is almost certain to be off base. As Peter Drucker said, we cannot plan the future, we can only do our best to plan FOR the future.

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