Reviewing for IBAM

by Ken York

Peer review is an essential part of the process of doing science.  Reviewers are gatekeepers who determine what is published and what is presented at conferences.  Peer review ensures that researchers have followed standard accepted practices.  Reviewers are strongly encouraged to evaluate papers to make sure that researchers have:

  • clearly stated the research question
  • built on the work of others
  • described what was done clearly enough to allow replication
  • followed ethical guidelines in collecting data
  • done the correct analyses to answer the research question
  • drawn reasonable conclusions.

An essential part of reviewing for the IBAM conference is development.  According to the IBAM mission statement, IBAM seeks to provide a forum for researchers to share their ideas, research, and experiences in a friendly and supportive environment by creating annual conferences that are more developmental and collegial than evaluational.  There is still the focus on critical evaluation of the research, like every other conference or journal, but IBAM wants reviewers to give constructive feedback also, so that researchers can improve the quality of their work.  The IBAM advantage for researchers who submit papers and present them is a better opportunity to get helpful, constructive feedback from reviewers and conference attendees, so that they can improve their work before they present it, and before they submit it to a scholarly journal.  There is even an advantage for reviewers when they use a more developmental approach.  By seeking ways that the papers they review can be improved, they learn how to do better research, expand their knowledge of the field, and gain insights that may be useful for their own research.  It is a positive feedback loop: researchers learn to do better research by getting constructive feedback, and reviewers learn to do better research by giving constructive feedback.

IBAMer Dr. Kenneth York is Professor of Management at Oakland University and has been a frequently awarded “Best Reviewer” for IBAM.

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